Monday, June 28, 2010

Photobucket: Still In My Favorites Folder

Thanks to guest blogger Jessica Brooke for the post.

I am so glad there are so many internet providers filer idaho because of how much I love to do online photography. When organizing photos online, I opt for old school sites like Photobucket. Facebook and Flickr have their fair share of photo collections I enjoy browsing but for personal photos that I need for blogging purposes, I log onto Photobucket every time.

I enjoy their row by row picture format, multiple uploads, and simple interface. I’ve never caught onto the feature-rich programs that take two weeks to learn. When I want to upload pictures to the wild blue high speed internet to use for my blog, I have to use something simple. I’m not there to add content to Facebook or Flickr. I want content of my own for my own Web site. It’s also incredibly easy to organize everything into photo albums so that I know what photos are personal and what photos go to my Internet projects. 

I discovered how to share photos online when I started using satellite television. Newer television technologies allow people to connect their television and PC entertainment together. Once I found Photobucket, I was hooked. It’s one of the simplest programs to use for online picture storage and organization and it’s one of the least interactive. If you don’t want to “connect” with people and simply want to organize your photos, Photobucket is my pick recommendation. It’s your own personal image playground with enough tools to keep you busy, and productive, for a lifetime.

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