Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workabroad Opportunities at JEJ International Manpower Services

Many companies have already opened their offices and factories in the Philippines. This has given more job opportunities to many Filipinos. The number of unemployed individuals have lessened while those who want to earn a higher salary have transferred to higher earning jobs. However, still more and more Filipinos want to work abroad because of the higher salary and more opportunities for them there. In Singapore alone, the salary of an IT professional gets almost twice as much as what they get in the country. Yes it may be hard to work in a foreign country, however, the greater benefits that they get makes them still leave the country.
JEJ International Manpower Services was established in 1998 by Atty. Benedicto T. Javier with the purpose of recruiting and deploying qualified Filipino skilled and professional workers for countries overseas. It is a Philippine manpower recruitment and placement agency duly authorized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Originally, JEJ deploys overseas workers to Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Recently, they have focused their countries of service to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as well as some reliable clients in Taiwan and Singapore.

Food & Beverage, Hospitality & Services, Factory Workers, Engineering/Construction, Manufacturing.

Recent Job Openings:
Recently, JEJ has vacancy for 50 Food & Beverage Service Attendants for Singapore. The applicant can either be a male or female but must have finished at least a college or bachelor's degree. No age limit is required. He or she must also have completed at least 2 years experience related to the job.
The agency is also currently in need of 100 factory workers for Taiwan. The applicant should be male with at least a high school diploma. Applicants with no previous experience can also apply.
For more job vacancies, you may visit the website listed below or apply directly at their office with office address also listed below.

Address: JEJ Building, 1137-A, J.Nakpil St., Malate, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. or

JEJ also has a training center bearing the slogan: “TRAIN AND GO”. It is their goal to train, develop, enhance and upgrade applicant’s or workers’ skills to cope with the client country’s required standards and to comply with these countries’ government’s labor policies and long-term labor shortage list.
JEJ highly regard the principles of Hardwork, Dedication, Honesty and Efficiency in meeting with its clients’ work demands.


JEJ believes in equal opportunity recruiment and that Filipinos are scattered all over the Philippines. The best of the crop does not only reside in Metro Manila but also in other parts of the Philippines. In this regard, they have opened different satellite offices in other parts of the country like in Baguio for Northern Luzon applicants, while in Bicol for Southern Luzon applicants. They have also branches in Cebu for the Visayan region recruitment and for the Mindanao region, in Zamboanga. Their recruitment activities in these parts of the country are legally authorized by the POEA.

If you are an applicant, you can watch out for their newspaper and radio advertisements. You can also check regularly the updates on their website online and other work abroad websites for recent job openings abroad.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspirational / Love Text Messages No. 1

Amidst all the expectations, demands, requests,
take some time to ground yourself in God.
Take some time for yourself.

*Our everyday life makes us so busy with a lot of things.
However, when we come to realize it, most of the things we do
are mostly for material things and reasons. We forget to give
importance to the more important things in life like family and
God. However, its still not yet too late to change.

As a Mom, you´re the best.
As a Wife, you´re the greatest.
As a Woman, you´re the sweetest.
An all-around Winner.
You´re an amazing woman,
... Thank you for giving me a family as beautiful as you.

* My life has never been the same since you came into my life.
I never thought someone could love me as much as you do.
You make me feel special everyday and you shower me
with an unconditional love. Thank you for everything honey.
You mean the world to me.

A girl who's funny and crazy, thoughtful and caring, loving
and sharing, as sweet as a baby, a great friend and sister.
And she's reading this message right now."
-- Post this to the girl you'll never forget. If you don't post
this to anyone, it means you're too busy.You have forgotten
all about your kind friends. If you get 6 back, you're truly
loved. Take care beautiful girl. :-)

Minsan puro tayo REKLAMO..
"wala ako bagong sapatos!" be thankful why?
buti nga wala ka lang bago sapatos ung iba nga wala paa
"ai grbe! tuyo na nmn ung ulam!" be thankful why?
buti nga me tuyo ulam ka pa ung iba nga asin na lng ung ulam.

Kapag nakatagpo ka ng taong mahal mo, alagaan mo.
Kapag nakatagpo ka ng taong naniniwala sayo, huwag
kang magsinungaling.
Kapag nakatagpo ka ng taong tapat wag mong lolokohin.
At kapag natagpuan mo ang taong hindi mo alam bat mo
mahal, huwag mo ng pakawalan.

*Sometimes, we realize that a person is very dear to us,
When she is already out of our life.
Treat your woman dearly. Show her the respect she
deserves to get.
Because it might be too late already.
She is already gone when you realized you can't live
without  her in your life.

Text Jokes of the Day

SON: Dad I like her,and I want to marry her!
DAD: Son don't marry her co'z she's your sister and your mother
doesn't know it. The next day......
SON: Mom I like her,and I want to marry her but daddy said
i should not marry her co'z she's my sister and you don't know it.
MOM: Son marry her co'z he's not your father!

Panchito: Vitamins ko ABC -- Alak, Babae at Cigarette.
Babalu: Ako naman DEF -- Damo, Egg at Frutas.
Dolphy: Ako, from A to Z. Alma to Zsa Zsa.

Customer: Ano ba naman itong tutpik nyo, iisa na nga lang ang
dali pang mabali.
Waiter (inis pa): Alam nyo sir, ang dami ng gumamit nyan, pero
kayo lang nakabali!

KRIMINAL1: "Pare, sigurado ka bang dito dadaan yung
papatayin natin?"
KRIMINAL2: "Oo, nagtataka nga ako, 1 oras na tayo dito
wala pa rin siya!
Sana naman wlang nangyaring masama sa kanya..!

Judge: Ikaw na naman! Sampung taon ka nang dito
humaharap sa korte ko, ha?
Swindler: Your honor, hindi ko kasalanan kung hindi po

kayo ma-promote!

Anak: Inay, sinisilip ng kaklase ko 'yung panty ko!
Inay: Bastos 'yun, ah! Ano ginawa mo?
Anak: Inalis ko at itinago ko 'yung panty, para 'di n'ya makita!


ZOMBIE: why do you keep on striking me with your peas that
will eventually shoot me to death when i only wanted to be near you?
PEASHOOTER: because you are only interested with my brain.
How about my heart?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Staying Healthy and Bonding Through Tennis

Authored by Rickey Combs

My husband and I have been spending a lot of time playing tennis at the park lately. It's a great workout, and we both really love the sport. We recently invested in a nice set of professional rackets, and picked up a few new canisters of balls as well. Usually, we'll go to play at least twice a week, but sometimes we're able to make it three or four different days.

When we're ready to go play tennis, we pack the car, set our home security alarm from, and drive to the nearest park. He likes to warm up on the backboards for about twenty minutes before we start our match, while I prefer to take a quick jog around the park. After we're both stretched and ready to play, we choose a court and begin the set. We both enjoy that our matches are usually pretty even, and that we play at about the same level. Though we're certainly not professionals by any means, we like to think that we can each hold our own pretty well, and usually have several good volleys.

I'm really glad that we picked up the sport, and purchased our rackets, because I can already feel myself getting more into shape from playing tennis. It keeps us both active and healthy, and also gives us something fun to do together.