Wednesday, May 7, 2008

International Staffing Registry, Inc.

About Us

We are the foremost leading provider of Professionals and Skilled Personnel from the Philippines for overseas and local deployment. That is we know you as we know our friends, colleagues and partners. We understand that finding the right people to provide nursing care to your hospital or geologists to your rig or surveyors to your pipelines or teachers for your pupils may be the most difficult challenge you are presently facing or will face in the coming months or even years.

Just like you, all success-oriented, expanding, growing and dynamic companies struggle with this similar issue, i.e., a complex and ever-changing work force. The challenge is to identify and secure the most potent staffing possible in a constantly shrinking candidate pool. This means that you are fiercely competing with thousands of other businesses to attract and retain talent for your company.


is well seasoned in representing companies to the work and labor force. Hence, we know how to identify the most qualified candidates for your needs! Whether a key person is out sick, a promotion or departure has left a vacancy, or you find yourself wearing a few too many hats, we guarantee that our employees shall reduce your workload promplty and effectively. If you have either a temporary or permanent need, just provide us with a job description and a desired candidate profile and we will prescreen and forward the Résumés of top candidates for the slot.


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