Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Athenna Int'l Manpower Services, Inc.

ATHENNA Int'l. Manpower Services, Inc. is a duly licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines (License No.OS-066-LB-031496-L) dedicated in providing excellent manpower and service for various job recruitment projects worldwide. Presently, the company has created for itself a substantial niche in the Taiwan labor market and is now setting its targets all over the world labor markets.

Established on June 10, 1994, the company acquired a co-agent status, which immediately rose to the rank of lead agent duly accredited by the Taiwan Council of Labor Affairs on 01 January 1997. After which, market was expanded to Hongkong, Brunei, Malaysia, KSA, UAE, Qatar & will keep in expanding to other countries.

ATHENNA is extremely proud of its reputation for professionalism, efficiency and most of all, INTEGRITY. It ensures that all recruits undergo a comprehensive screening process to guarantee that only the best, the most qualified and most suitable workers are deployed. "We aim to satisfy the manpower needs and demands of all our valued clients".

Our services, however, do not end with deployment. Besides ensuring on-time deployment, ATHENNA diligently monitors all deployed workers thru our overseas contingent. The welfare and protection of our deployed workers are a paramount concern of the company. This will assure us that the workers we deployed will be successful in their respective endeavors overseas. A reintegration program through the company and government further enhances the gains of their overseas employment. These only emphasize our company's commitment in providing excellent service to assist all our clients in the management and care of all our recruits.


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