Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dancing With New Stars

Guest post by Quincy Lester

Dancing With the Stars has returned again and I viewed the premier via satellite tv. The show is becoming a bit repetitive and the only thing to look forward to are the celebrities. This year Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol is the hook that gets people to watch the show.

Last season the hook was Tom DeLay the former Republican congressman from Texas. His being controversial was the reason they put him on. His bad legs forced him to leave early. After that I watched the show but it came down a notch in my list of favorite shows. This is because you saw from the beginning that Tom DeLay was already complaining of a broken bone is his foot and would not last. It seemed like a contrived way of getting him off the show.

Dancing with the Stars is a reality show that can be stomached, because the people actually have to do something substantial. In this case to learn dance steps each week. It is hard work but they are well compensated. The stars seem to get $35,000 for their effort. Many of the contestants are washed out from their earlier careers and are attempting to make comebacks.

I will stick with this show this season. However, there are no promises for next season.

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