Monday, June 8, 2009

A Good Way to Fund Your Cause

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Have you ever wished you can make a difference ? Do you have this dream of helping other people who are in need and to help make their lives become better? How about those who need immediate medical help but can't go to the hospital as they don't have the money to pay for their medical bills ?

There are many people who want to make a difference. This is the reason why there are many organizations and foundations that came into existence. They know that some people just die without even getting the necessary treatment for their sickness. Many displaced families from war torned countries seek shelter and food.

The organizations who help them need also the help of other organizations and even need corporate partners in order to continue their cause. They need help so they could finance the medical mission to remote areas, acquiring materials and equipments for a school so our less fortunate brothers and sisters can get the education they need.

Cheaperthanhotels has answered this call. Their Cheaperthanhotels Sponsorship and Grants program has a club sponsorship for organizations as well as individuals who need their assistance ranging from $250-$25,000. The support can be in kind, it can be a commission given for a sale earned when your organization's website directed a sale to them, or cash grants for selected organizations. They just have to fill up a form and state the reason why they need the grant and more information about their existing project.

This move of Cheaperthanhotels is a great wake-up call for other successful companies to participate in programs that will support individuals and organizations. Every organization's program won't be implemented without financial support. An individual, however hardworking and brilliant, won't reach his goals if the needed budget won't be met. Cheaperthanhotels has answered this call. Now, who's next ?

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